Ear Care

Ears are complex and fascinating organs.  No two ears are exactly alike, and we take them for granted when all works well.  But problems can occur anywhere within the ear system; from external ear lesions and wax in the ear canal to middle ear fluid and infections to inner ear vertigo, ringing, and hearing loss.  At OAT, our physicians, practitioners, and audiologists will listen to your concerns, measure and test when needed, treat to the fullest extent, and then guide protective efforts in the interest of maintaining your ears and your hearing throughout your life.

  •     Hearing loss
  •     Ear infections
  •     Tinnitus
  •     Vertigo
  •     Eustachian tube dysfunction
  •     Meniere’s disease
  •     Ear drum holes
  •     Mastoiditis
  •     Hearing aids
  •     Tinnitus maskers
  •     Hunters plugs
  •     In ear monitors
  •     Musicians’ plugs
  •     Custom ear molds
Dr. Viner was able to diagnose the problem I was having with my ears immediately. I recommend OAT to everyone needing an ENT group.
— Melynda U.