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Hear Life to the Fullest: Hearing Testing & Hearing Aid Solutions

We care about your hearing and your health! Our personalized and compassionate service ensures that you get the care you deserve. Our licensed audiologists work closely with our team of ear, nose, and throat specialists to find the most effective hearing solution for you.

Using the latest technologies, our audiologists will test and assess your hearing to find the right hearing aid for your needs. We are proud to work with patients of all ages and we offer a wide array of hearing aid options designed to fit a variety of lifestyles.

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I can honestly say that OAT has saved my life. The doctors and the staff have been great to me, and I highly recommend them.

Custom Earplugs, Hearing Protection, and Monitors

Based in Nashville, we have the privilege of working with accomplished musicians their devoted fans. We’re committed to helping musicians, music lovers, swimmers, hunters, and industrial workers protect their hearing with custom in-ear monitors, noise-canceling hunter’s plugs, swim molds, and tinnitus maskers.

Our custom musicians earplugs are equipped with a filter that allows artists to preserve the integrity of their sound while keeping decibel levels within a safe range. Our hunter’s earplugs suppress sound while maintaining audibility when things are quiet. For those who spend a lot of time in the water, custom swim plugs keep water out and help prevent painful ear infections.

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