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Seasonal Allergy Relief

Middle Tennessee is home to hundreds of potential airborne allergens and seasonal allergies are increasingly common. In fact, according to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation, researchers estimate that more than 50 million Americans suffer from nasal allergies and notes that Tennessee ranks as one of the toughest states for allergy sufferers!

Our team of highly specialized allergists can successfully identify and treat your seasonal and airborne allergies. Once we’ve identified the offending allergens, we’ll design a custom program of treatment that may include OTC medications and lifestyle adjustments, prescription medications, environmental controls, or immunotherapy allergy treatments.

We’ll help you control your allergies so they don’t control you!

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I can’t remember ever being so happy; I no longer suffer from the symptoms of allergies. I am rarely, if ever, sick. Looking back, I just could not have even imagined feeling this good would be possible.
— Bill G.

Food Allergy Diagnosis and Treatment

Although some food allergies can be relatively minor, some can be life threatening. To make matters more troubling, you may develop food allergies as you go through life and a food that was once safe, may become a trigger. Some of the most common food allergies include fish, shellfish, peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, gluten, soybeans, and dairy. Symptoms may include: hives, rashes, tingling of the mouth, coughing, abdominal distress, vomiting, or even anaphylaxis.

OAT Allergy Services

We offer a wide-range of allergy testing and related services including:

  • Skin testing
  • Patch testing
  • Food allergy testing
  • Control therapy
  • Airborne allergy testing and treatment
  • Allergy immunotherapy (drops & shots)
  • Indoor and outdoor allergy testing and treatment
  • Mold allergy testing and treatment
  • Pediatric allergy testing and treatment
  • Seasonal and perennial allergy treatment

Tired of
seasonal sneezing?

Our free Seasonal Allergy Handbook gives you the tips you need to stop the sneeze.

OAT Seasonal Allergies Handbook