List of OAT Services


Ear Care

At OAT, our physicians, practitioners, and audiologists will listen to your concerns, measure and test when needed, treat to the fullest extent, and then guide protective efforts in the interest of maintaining your ears and your hearing throughout your life.

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Hearing Aid Center

OAT offers the Physician’s Hearing Aid Center. Through the center, we provide a wide array of hearing aid options and other specialty hearing devices like custom musician’s in-­ear monitors, noise canceling hunter’s plugs, custom swim molds, and tinnitus maskers.

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Allergy Clinic

We have a long track record of success identifying and treating the allergies of our region. We an test you for a full range of indoor and outdoor allergens as well and foods, and design a custom program of treatment.

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Pediatric ENT

For everything from tongue tie in an infant, to ear infections in a toddler, to sleep breathing disturbances in a teenager, we will give your child’s case careful consideration and make treatment recommendations as if your child were our own.

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Whether you are having nosebleeds and sinus infections or allergies and postnasal drip, we, at OAT, stand ready to diagnose your condition precisely and find the treatment options that suit your needs.

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Throat Care

Like most things with moving parts throats can malfunction. From feeling something stuck in your throat to hoarseness to tonsil stones, OAT can help you understand the problem and design a solution that optimizes your throat’s performance.

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Neck Care

Whether you have a neck mass impairing your swallowing or a salivary stone making it painful to move your neck, OAT stands ready to evaluate your neck symptoms, diagnose your condition, and design a treatment protocol that addresses your needs.

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Cancer Treatment

We participate in the diagnosis and treatment of tumors as well in the surveillance and quality of life measures following treatment.  Whether you have been treated successfully or are concerned that your may have cancer, OAT can help.

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