List of OAT Services


Allergy Clinic

We have a record of success in identifying and treating seasonal and airborne allergies. Our allergists carefully test for a full range of airborne and food-related allergies and design a program of custom immunotherapy treatments.

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Hearing Aid Center

Through the Physicians Hearing Aid Center at OAT, our audiologists perform hearing tests, discuss custom hearing aid options and develop other specialty hearing devices like musician’s in-­ear monitors and tinnitus maskers.

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Pediatric ENT

For everything from tongue tie and ear infections in infants to speech disorders and sleep and breathing disturbances in teenagers, we compassionately assess and treat the ear, nose, and throat disorders of children of all ages.

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Nose & Sinus

Whether you are suffering from chronic nosebleeds, sinus infections, polyps, allergies, or postnasal drip, OAT’s board certified physicians are ready to diagnose your condition and find the right treatment program for your needs.

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Ear Care

No matter what your condition, from dizziness to tinnitus to chronic ear infections, our ENT specialists, practitioners, and audiologists will listen to your concerns, perform careful diagnostics, and provide treatment as needed.

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Throat Care

The throat plays a critical role in speech, singing, and swallowing. From tonsillitis to vocal cord polyps to difficulties with swallowing, we can help you better understand your throat-related issues and optimize vocal performance.

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Neck Care

Our team of otolaryngologists are trained to identify and treat neck infections or injuries, benign or malignant tumors, thyroid goiters, parotid gland disorders, and more. We can also perform corrective surgeries as necessary.

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Cancer Treatment

We participate in the diagnosis and treatment of malignant tumors and in the surveillance and quality of life measures following treatment. Whether you are in remission or are would like to schedule a cancer screening, we can help.

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