Pediatric Ear, Nose & Throat Care

Pediatric Otolaryngology

At OAT, we treat each and every child as if they were our own. We provide cutting-edge routine and specialty care for ear, nose, and throat disorders and diseases in children. Our practice has generations of experience treating the children of Middle Tennessee.

Whether your child suffers from tongue tie, chronic ear infections, tonsillitis, allergies, or hearing loss, we can help. OAT offers a wide range of in-office diagnostic tools and procedures and our board-certified specialists compassionately work with you and your child to find the right course of treatment.

OAT Pediatric ENT Services

We provide a full array of pediatric ear, nose, and throat services and treatment for the following:

  • Chronic or recurring ear infections
  • Ear tubes
  • Hearing screening and testing
  • Balance disorders
  • Diagnosis and treatment of pediatric sleep apnea
  • Tonsils and adenoids
  • Pediatric allergies
  • Pediatric sinusitis
  • Pediatric head and neck tumors
  • Speech and language disorders
  • Tongue tie
  • Swallowing disorders

We’ll take good care of your kid!

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